Black Dynamite
Black Dynamite Gun
Black Dynamite


October 12 1930s



Family daddy dynamite (father)


Voiced by

Michael Jai White

Black Dynamite (voiced and portrayed by Michael Jai White) is a fictional African American martial artist and former CIA operative, Black Revolutionary, Vigilante, Anti Hero, Pimp, Orphanage runner, who enjoys kicking ass and taking on missions to ensure justice or sticking it to "The Man". His weapon of choice is the Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic or nunchucks.

His persona and fighting style are based on martial artist and blaxploitation actor Jim Kelly, but are also based on the lead characters of Shaft and Super Fly. the show aired reruns on CW14 at 10:00 in August to September 2015


Black Dynamite is often portrayed as a near (or completely) invincible, serious, angry, caring and some what short-tempered. He cares about the orphans and whores in his care, through his method of raising the orphans doesn't make him to likable to them and often talks about himself in third person.


Black Dynamite's specialty involves kung fu, which he uses to fight for justice. His wields a Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic and drives a Caddillac, both of which are used for espionage missions and encounters.

He seems known to many, among them celebrities like T. F. Kirtus and Krenshaw the Slime.

Appearance Edit

Black Dynamite's appearance is an African American male with an afro, with a mustache and sideburns. His size to be somewhat tall.